Inked Ginger – FMTY Companion

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Ginger, also known as the Naked Psychologist or Inked Ginger. I’m a Germany based Compnion, providing a unique and genuine experience.

You can find me often in various European cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and many more. I also availble for Fly Me to You ( FMTY ) anywhere you wish me to be.

Im 30 yers old, I’m 170 cm (5’7 feet) tall , I have busty, curvy figure complemented by my long ginger hair and enchanting grey eyes.

It’s important to note that my body have many tattoos, which is covered in most of my photos. My allure is natural. I’ve embraced my authentic self without any plastic surgeries or fillers.

Ink’s art upon her skin displayed,

A canvas where stories gently cascade.

Ginger locks, a fiery crown,

Eyes of grey, like skies of renown.


Curves that dance with whispered grace,

A silhouette that time can’t erase.

Breasts like moons, enchanting nights,

A symphony of nature’s delights.


Tattoos weave tales of life’s embrace,

Each inked line a chapter’s trace.

She’s a masterpiece of vibrant hue,

A living work of art so true.

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

I’m thrilled to see that you’ve stumbled upon my page.

Undoubtedly, I’m your perfect private and travel companion, a True Girlfriend with whom you can forge not only a physical but also a mental connection. 

The wait is over – you’ve finally discovered what you’ve long been seeking, and now, a mere step remains between you and an encounter with me.

Allow me to emphasize that my companionship is both authentic and distinctive. Above all, my name serves as my brand, a badge I wear with pride.

Quality always triumphs over quantity in my world. As a companion, my reputation is impeccable. Just as you are discerning and selective, so am I.

My inner circle is purposefully small. Swift encounters aren’t my style. I firmly believe that building chemistry is important.

My aim is to establish a genuine connection with you, which is why I’m not one to rush.

I’m Bisexual and I love to flirt, tease and take good care of my lady or gentleman.

I’m not one to go directly to the point. I prefer to navigate our journey step by step, ensuring mutual comfort every step of the way.

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

Once again, I emphasize the parity of physical and emotional bonds – they enhance our enjoyment in tandem.

Im happy to hear what you up to ut i dont do any services on request. The real allure of the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) lies in its uniqueness, rooted in the connection shared by two individuals.

What sparks pleasure with one person might be deemed taboo by another.

Embracing spontaneity and authenticity, I find joy in savoring every moment.

Without a doubt, I am the perfect companion you’ve been diligently searching for, someone who comprehends your desires on every level.

You’ve discovered your genuine girlfriend, right here. Don’t let shyness hold you back, take the plunge and get in touch with me. 

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

Inked Ginger Upcoming Tours

Hungary Bucharest 8-12 Jan.
Dubai end of Jan.
India Tour April 2024
inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

If the timing and places don’t align,

Inviting me over, your thoughts entwine.

In your town’s embrace, we could convene,

Or venture away, a quick escape scene.


Life’s joys await, our spirits set free,

Short getaways, a serene jubilee.

Amid business trips, why not partake,

My company and joy to partake?


Passport in hand, I’m ever prepared,

Journeys with you, for memories shared.

No one likes appointments at “maybe” and last minute cancelations or no show .

And that is why I require 30% deposit &  screening

from any gentleman that wants to meet me.

I value your time and want you to value mine as well.


12h 2500€

24h 4000€

48h 7000€

Each Additional Day 2000€

All travel Expenses Additional to my rates
Deposit 30% required

Travel Requirements for Inked Ginger Travel Companion

  • Filled Screening Form
  • All travel expenses such as tickets and hotels are additional to my rates
  • First/Business class are appreciated but not required unless its a really long flight
  • I appreciate healthy sleep schedule and require at least 6 hours of sleep at night

  • Even if you wish to meet only for 3-5 hours I still require 24h hotel reservation so that I can rest before and after our date. 
  • Hotel & Ticket fee will be added to depost and  reservation will be done by me after deposit.
  • I require 30% from my rate as deposit + hotel & travel fee to be paid in advance for travel  bookings to be confirmed.


Rates in EU

Meet and Greet Private

(1-2h Dates available during tours only )

1h 450€

2h 800€

Every additional hour 400€ 

Dinner Date

3h Social and Private 1000€

4h Social and Private  1400€


( 10-14h ) 2500€

Please note that during overnight bookings I require at least 2 hours of social time and at least 6 hours of sleeping time.


Tour Rates

Meet and Greet Private

(1-2h Dates available during tours only )

1h 600$ / 2200 AED / 50K INR

2h 1200$ / 4400 AED / 100k INR

Every additional hour 400$ / 1500 AED / 35k INR

Dinner Date

3h Social and Private 1400$ / 5100 AED / 120k INR

4h Social and Private 1800$ / 6600 AED / 150k INR


( 10-14h ) 3000$ / 11k AED / 300k INR

Please note that during overnight bookings I require at least 2 hours of social time and at least 6 hours of sleeping time.


Please note that I require screening and deposit from every Gentleman that wants to see me.

I do not accept meetings with those who not applying for verification.


I do not meet random men and I’m not available for everyone.


Quality over quantity always.

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

What is Screening and why I require it …

Same as you want to meet legit and professional companion I want to meet a High-class gentleman. Someone who is Value his time and quality over everything.

I am not interested in having many dates or knowing many gentleman. I prefer quality over quantity and want to keep my circle small.

 I require all new gentleman that is contacting me to apply for screening. 

Information given for screening is to verify you are whom you say you are and for a safety reasons only. Once info received and checked it will be deleted and your contact number and email will be saved on my phone. I do not store any of your information for a safety reasons.

One of the best and fastest option for screening is LinkedIn or business card. 

I also accept references as long those references is from well known Professional Independent Companions.

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe
Please Provide Country/City preferable place for our meeting
Please add two preferable options.
please add two possible time slots.
Note that i dont meet for less than 1hour
Screening or Deposit Required for meeting any new gentleman
if your preferable option for the screening is LinkedIn or references please kindly place all the info and links over here. for Business card or corporate email please send to If your option is Deposit please visit deposit page on my website.

Another useful info that you might need


Good Manners Cost Nothing.

When You contacting Inked Ginger for the first time its good idea to provide some info about you. Polite introduction is very helpful as part of getting through any decent screening process from any quality companion.

Be polite always unless we both agreed in advance to play a specific role.

Make sure you understand what companion offers. If you have any service requirements which is not offered on my website, they are probably not offered. In any case you should ask in advance before the appointment to avoid miss understanding, disappointment and empty expectations.

Be Discrete.

 If you going to see me in private residence, as for instructions of how to get in in advance. Do not use my name when you calling intercom, announce yourself only.

If you going to see me in the hotel please text me before you almost reaching so i can provide room number and directions of how to find elevator for you. In hotels, do not ask concierges or other staff about me.

Don’t call me from the hotel lobby, don’t hang out at the lobby for long and please act naturally as you staying in this hotel. Go directly to the elevator following my directions and go up( mostly i choose hotels that is nor require key card to go up). 

If I’m coming to visit your home or hotel please make sure u giving me correct directions. Please keep your place clean and tidy.


Please don’t bargain about my rates. I don’t do discounts or exceptions for anyone.

Prepare donation in advance before arrival and place it on a visible spot where I can easily collect it. Please do not wait for me to ask for it as to make our date move smooth its better to avoid such awkward situation.

Do not try to negotiate donation on arrival as i will ask you to leave.

I’m not a clock watcher and I don’t like to ask my gentleman to leave so please respect the time period you have booked and don’t overstay. 



If you have to cancel appointment, do as far in advance as possible. If you changed your mind, just tell me, we all human and it does happen =)

Don’t make appointment and then don’t turn up as this is just rude. Last minute cancellations are also not welcomed but still better than not showing up. Please respect my time always and don’t make me to wait for you if you have no intentions to come.

Please note that Last minute cancellations and no show up will make you blacklisted.I will accept new booking from you only after deposit will be paid and you will be charged 30% more as compensation for previous no show up date.

Don’t make promises you are not going to keep, whether it is for a future appointment, gift or review. You don’t owe me anything more than a donation for my time. 


Personal Hygiene and Sexual Health

  • Take a shower at the start of the appointment. Please note that if you coming to see me and telling me you just had shower not long ago i still going to send u to take one more shower.
  • Trim or shave any areas you might want licked or kissed. Leaving areas hairy may well act as a signal you don’t expect this happen.
  • Don’t use cologne or deodorant or perfume at any area that you might expect to be licked or sucked.
  • Mouthwash or chewing gum is appreciated.
  • Do not piss in the shower ! ( yes apparently it happens )
  • Unprotected sex is a dumb idea so never ask me for such.
  • I always have condoms but please bring your own if you have any specific requirements, sizes or allergies.
inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

When you feel like social media is not enough for you and you need more of me please visit my OnlyFans page where you can find my Fully uncensored content that is truly for fans only :)

Also visit my blog if you wish to read some of my poems & novels, about my daily life and memorable meetings that i had.

Colleagues Worldwide

Here is some list of my colleagues that i trust and that you might also want to visit with or without me :) Yes, duos is always available !

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

Hannah Rusell

Intellectual sparring partner, dynamic conversationalist, and all-around compelling distraction. Hannah is part provocateur, part dreamer. Your Girlfriend based in Dubai.


I absolute adore playing with Ginger, both in my personal and professional life. She has such a sparkling personality, enchantress with dangerous curves, a mischievous streak and a passion for exploring the kinkier side of life which makes everything much more fun. Now imagine both of us in your bed. Mesmerizing! – Hannah Russel

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

Shona River

Shona River is a luxury companion and a well-known Hungarian adult actress. She is driven by her passion for discovering the secrets of love-making, travel, and people, making her the perfect company for any occasion.
inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

Pure Lily

Meet Pure Lily, porcelain redhead based in London, UK. Your Kinky GFE. Refined Submission enthusiast and Taboo Role Play specialist. She loves ddlg & schoolgirl themed bookings. She is based in the UK, but occasionally travels to Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland and Dubai. Available in Europe for exclusive bookings.

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe

Aurora D’Orsay

Former Proffesional Model , based in the Middle East & available Worldwide by appointment

inked ginger naked psychologist private companion and escort based in europe
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