Summer dress

Everybody have their kinks…

One of my favorite is to wear short skirts or summer dresses nd go out during the day. It’s such a turn on when you walk around with your pussy wet knowing that nobody around you know your secret.

So I walked with no panties in to J house and all i was able to think about was how he gonna fill my mouth and my pussy with his big cock.

As usual he opened the door and gave me warm kiss and said “Weclome babe”.

I went directly to his bedroom and sat there trying to adjust my camera.

He sked if i want to drink something and i said some cold juice or water would be nice.

He entered the room with glass of water in his hand when i alredy been recording myself playing with my big firm boobies and pussy.

And immedietaly he joined…First with his hands, playing with my nipples and then fingered me so deep. He pulled out his heavy and hrd cock right in front of my face and i sucked it moaning. He fucked me in many positions and cummed all over my body.

It was such a hot meeting & I’m glad we recorded it.

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