City Tour

Here you can see in what cities I will be on tour soon. Please note that some of the dates is not fixed. I might be in town one or two days earlier or leave a bit later.

I prefer to know my schedule in advance so if you planing to meet me during one of my tours its better if you will let me know as early as possible to fix the appointment. I rarely can be available in short notice but sometimes during the tours its possible.

I accept short dates only in the morning, during the day and early evening. Late evenings availableĀ only for dinner dates and overnight bookings.

Kenya Nairobi - 25 August - 4 September
UAE Dubai - 6 -14 September
Turkey Istanbul - 15 - 20 September
Egypt Cairo OCTOBER
Tanzania Zanzibar - Date to be confirmed

If you desire to meet with me but our dates or locations is not matching then you can always invite me to meet in your town, or we can travel together for a short getaway, enjoy some nice holidays šŸ™‚

Ā Or who said you can’t enjoy life and my company during one of your business trips ? I’m always passport ready and I will be happy to travel with you.

fly me to you

Travel Requirements

  • Filled Screening Form
  • All travel expenses such as tickets and hotels are additional to my rates and have to be paid by you
  • First/Business class are appreciated ( especially for long flights )
  • For Europe – 3h booking minimum, Asia,Africa and Middle East – Overnight booking minimum, Other Destinations – 24 hours booking minimum
  • I appreciate healthy sleep schedule and require at least 5 hours of sleep at night
  • Hotel&Ticket reservation need to be made and send to me in advance
  • I require 30% deposit for travel bookings to be confirmed.